Welcome to SNS!

The Skaneateles Nursery School, Inc., is a non-denominational, non-profit organization.

It is a parent cooperative, differing from other nursery schools in that it is owned and administered by the parents, who in turn assist the teachers in carrying out the educational program while keeping the operating costs minimal.

The main objectives of the Skaneateles Nursery School are to help your child develop a positive attitude toward school and learn by providing maximum physical development, mental stimulation, and social adjustment through flexible planning in a classroom atmosphere. 

Here are just few fun things that we do throughout the school year!

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Science Week

For one week, everyone becomes a scientist!  We make hypotheses, do experiments and of course we wear our lab coats!

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Sweets with my Sweetie

Every Valentine's Day the students ask their "sweetie" to join them for a night of crafts, games and fun!

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Spring Concert

The highlight of the year is our Spring Concert where the kids show off their artwork and perform songs they've learned throughout the year!